3D MATTERPORT™ Video Sample

​​​Digital Imaging Toronto

​​​Silver– $0.25 cents per square foot
Capture and create PannaView 3D Tours – powered by Matterport – within 48 hours of the completion of the photo shoot, you will receive iFrame embed code and a URL of the PannaView 3D Tour that includes: Floor Plan View; Doll House View and PannaView

This video showcases how your 3D Showcase will look on an iPad

(New clients receive their Matterport 3D Showcase FREE with listing agreement.)

Social Media – we post socially about your PannaView: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+
Each PannaView includes six (6) months of Matterport cloud hosting; each additional six months of hosting is $95 per PannaView.

Gold (includes Silver Services) – $0.50 cents per square foot
Digital Photos – 25 photos (screen captures) per 1,000 square feet – without Matterport screen icons – captured from within the Matterport 3D Showcase PannaView. These screen grabs are delivered via Dropbox.

Digital Images Toronto Blog Post – we write and publish a blog post about your PannaView and link back to your website.

Platinum (includes Silver and Gold Services)– $0.60 cents per square foot
Floor Plan Service – our architecture team creates interactive floor plans – delivered via Dropbox. 
Delivery is within 10 days post the Matterport PannaView.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Screen Capture and Measurements (Workshop View) – enables capture of still images within the 3D Showcase without the icons. In Workshop View, you can also "drop points" to measure distance.
Note: (1) Hosting periods in excess of 6 months at $95.00/tour;

            (2) Conversion to Youtube video and upload $150.00/video;

            (3) Zone Travel Fees may apply;

            (4) Plus applicable HST.