Homes in these areas have showcased their 3D virtual tours captured by Digital Imaging Toronto

Uxbridge Detached House

Toronto Water Views Penthouse

Milton Detached House

Mississauga Luxury Detached

Toronto Park Lake Residences



De-clutter your home to allow the camera to capture the right photo shots. This 3D technology scans the entire room from multiple angles. Try doing a 360-degree turn while looking for things out of place. There is no hiding anything when the camera does an entire room scan.



If you, the seller, live a very private life, it is important to remove all personal items that you do not want to be seen in the house tour. This 3D technology scans and picks up everything in each room which includes your personal effects.


Clean windows, mirrors and glass are essential to the house tour when all the stills are captured to make the 3D video. These things will show up on a whole-house scan.


Dust your entire home to remove dust bunnies hiding in corners. This high-resolution camera picks up every spec of dust in the photos and in 3D it only applifies them. Pay attention to room corners, stairs, under furniture, etc. Prospective buyers will notice any dust bunnies when they watch your video.


While cleaning and decluttering your home, remove things like garbage cans, dog bowls, various pet related stuff, fridge magnets, countertop appliances such as toasters and blenders. When in doubt; Less is Best.


Make sure all your lights work. A well-lit home will show better. This 3D technology with great lighting will show your home exceptionally well and net better results when produced.

Note: This process requires multiple scanning in each room which can be time consuming. So once you feel that your home is camera ready, relax somewhere else so the photographer can get the job done in a timely manner. 



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​​​When home sellers see that you'll be presenting their property online with an immersive 3D Virtual Tour, they will be blown away. A MATTERPORT™ 3D Showcase makes you the clear choice to list their property.

Digital Imaging Toronto is revolutionizing how real estate photographers, brokerages and agents showcase residential and commercial properties. The MATTERPORT™ 3D technology is simple, powerful and effective. 

This ultimate home viewing instrument allows you to measure and create floor plans. A 3D Showcase is an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle. Even get a completely unique sense for the property with the dollhouse view.

Review the "How To" video below to try it for yourself.

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